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How to Keep Your Feet Happy on the Trail

If you’re thinking about your feet while backpacking, you’ve done something wrong. When all you have is a couple days out in the wild before you have to head back to work on Monday, every minute you have on the trail is a precious one. You want your boots to help you hike farther, not […]

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Ask a Bear: Do Bear Bells Really Work?

Our resident bruin answers all your questions in ‘Ask A Bear.’ Q: I visited Yellowstone for the first time this summer, and I wanted to go for a trail run. It was my first time alone in grizzly country, so I decided to buy some bear bells. At the checkout, the lady decided to warn […]

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Slow the F•ck Down: A Workshop in Practicing Stillness in Nature

Sat, 10/21, 9:30 am Group: Alene Gabriel and Kristina Frost When: Saturday, October 21, 9:30 am to 1:30 pm Where: Redwood Glen Trailhead Cost: $40 Details: Now more than ever, we find ourselves overscheduled, overcommitted, and overwhelmed. We run from one thing to the next, more concerned with checking it off the list and moving […]

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Hike: Change Creek Trail

Thurs, 10/19, 2:30 pm Group: Seattle Outdoor Adventurers When: Thursday, Oct 19, 2:30–5:30 pm Where: Preston Park & Ride, Issaquah Cost: Free Details: *1.6 miles up (1600 foot elevation gain so steeper than most) *Steep and more of a climbers trail so not like a well maintained Mt Si trail. *Will head up the climbers […]

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Pool maintenance you need it!

Swimming pool maintenance is very important make sure you do it!

Pools Maintenance The swimming pool area of any house is the most fun place for both kids and adults. Regular swimming pool maintenance is a must to keep the pool waters sparkling clean, hygienic and safe for all. For periodic upkeep and excellent pool maintenance, some essential supplies are required and such supplies are discussed […]

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Ask a Bear: Are You Attracted to Crying Babies?

A crying kiddo sounds the alarm, but not the kind you were hoping for. Q: I want to bring my one-year-old daughter on a camping trip, but she doesn’t sleep through the night yet. Will her crying scare off wildlife? Or attract predators? – Julian WashingtonA: Unlike your neighbors on the restaurant, airplane, or movie theatre, […]

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Ask a Bear: Why Do You Eat Dirt?

It’s not because I’m hungry. Trust me. Q: I saw a grizzly eating dirt in Yellowstone last year. Was he just really hungry? – Kristen Skardasis, via email  A: Oh, now this is a little “embearassing”. But before I get into it, you should know I’m not the only critter out there that does this. Deer, […]

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Hike: Highline Trail, Eastern Section

10/21-10/22 Group: Backpacking, Canyoneering, & Hiking Club (BCH) When: Saturday, October 21, 8 am to Sunday, October 22, 4 pm Where: Meet at Fort McDowell Casino, Scottsdale Cost: Free Details: Here’s a local and somewhat of a long distance trail that seems worthy of hiking. The Highline trail starts at the 260 TH located just […]

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25th Annual Backcountry Bash

Sat, 10/21, 5 pm Group: Colorado Mountain Club When: Saturday, October 21, 5–11 pm Where: McNichols Civic Center Building Cost: $50 Details: The 25th annual Backcountry Bash is the Colorado Mountain Club’s signature winter fundraiser—a celebration of all that makes the mountains magnificent in Colorado. Join other avid adventurers for an exciting evening of awards, […]

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Vermont Officials Seek to Boost State's Outdoor Economy

The Vermont Outdoor Recreation Economic Collaborative seeks to increase $2.5B annual economy Mt. Abraham, overlooking the Champlain Valley. The Vermont Outdoor Recreation Economic Collaborative recently held a meeting to brainstorm ideas for increasing the state’s already significant $2.5 billion outdoor economy. Other upcoming forums this month include one on Oct. 16 in East Dummerston, another […]

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